We are serious about creating a fun, captivating restaurant focused service, that is priced to be a long-term promotion & as close as possible to cost neutral.


We have over 3 decades of experience navigating the tricky world of restaurant entertaining.


Zero-Pressure at the tables... We have no tip badges of any kind. There is never an implication that guests should tip us.


Our goal is to increase your solid 5-star ratings from your guests by making certain they are properly entertained.

Our Restaurant Kids Nights Promotions

Well, well, well, ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and brace yourselves for a tale of a man named Ed, hailing from a joint called Imagination Overdrive. Now, Ed and his crew, they've been in the entertainment racket for a while, you see. For 30 long years, they held court down in the wilds of Palm Beach, but then came the grand shutdown of COVID, and like a twisted desert wind, they blew into these parts. And wouldn’t you just know it, they fell in love with this strange new land known as the Nature Coast.

So, Ed, the wanderer, decided to make his rounds, pay visits to the local establishments, and lay down his pitch. Imagination Overdrive, he says, deals in corporate gigs and private soirees, but what really tickles their fancy is what they call "family nights" for the grub hubs in the area.

Now, imagine this: Balloon sculptures that'd make Salvador Dali's head spin. Not just for the kiddos, mind you; even the grown-ups get their fix of whimsy. And when the mood strikes, they toss in a magician, a face painter, or some glitter tattoo sorcery to keep things freaky fresh and lure in the repeat customers.

But what's the price, you ask? A pittance, Ed claims. Kids' nights are a steal, a long-term investment in your establishment. They've been at this game for decades, and their rates haven't budged since the dawn of time – 30 years ago, that is. A measly $150 bucks for a two-hour shift, with good discounts available off of that, and if they happen to stick around longer (which they often do), they don't nickel and dime you. Not to mention, they'll take some of the fee in your restaurant's gift cards to sweeten the pot.

But here's where they really stand out from the rest of the riff-raff. They don't hustle for tips, and they don't imply that a tip's the way to go. Ed knows, folks these days got tip fatigue. He just wants your guests to know that they're being entertained, courtesy of your fine establishment. Even if it means they ain't swimming in cash right now, they're thinking long term, cultivating relationships.

Now, I know you're a busy soul, and we sure appreciate you giving his story the time of day. You want more info? Check out the bullet points or peep our flyer, if you got one. You can text, email, or send a smoke signal if you fancy. And hey, if you're feeling bold, they'll roll in for a night on the house, no charge. You can watch, ask your patrons what they think, and decide if Ed and his crew are the crazy cocktail you've been missing in your dive. Buckle up, my friends, for Ed and Imagination Overdrive are here to take you on a ride you won't soon forget.


We have been working restaurants as a full time occupation since the 1980s. As Disney entertainers we are well trained in proper guest etiquette.


We keep things interesting with variety, offering a mix of Magic, Balloon Art, Glitter Tattoos, Face Painting, and more.


We have multiple entertainers for 100% reliability.

Price & Longevity

We price our services at a very reasonable amount to make it a long term promotion. Most of our clients have been with us for 20 years or more!


We also help promote the family night in a variety of ways. Such as print, web, social media, and others.

Zero-Pressure at the tables

We have no tip badges of any kind. There is never an implication that guests should tip us.

Princess. We make thousands of creations, and sometimes we just take requests and figure out how to do something straight from the childs imagination!

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Night (or day) is a promotional experience you give to your guests. We come in at a set time each week for a couple of hours and entertain the families (and anyone else who is watching).

No, some venues choose to do once a month, or every two weeks. However, our goal with the kids night, is to create weekly regulars who come in, not only to enjoy the food, but because entertainment is included. The kids will try to stump the balloon artist with something elaborate, or be entranced by some tableside magic. We have had guests who come in each week for years! Our best kids night price mentioned above is for a weekly promotion. That discounted price is a fraction of a single hourly rate for events and parties. We really do try to make things as cost neutral for you as we can, so that its easy to consider a long term promotion.

While the balloons are extremely popular, we also like to mix things up with weeks where we send in a professional magician, face painter, glitter tattoo artist, or even do Fairy Hair. This keeps things fresh and helps ensure weekly visits.

Yes! Ed has been doing kids nights for over 30 years. Prior to a slowdown due to covid, we were doing over 2100 kids nights/year. Our longest running kids night that we are currently doing started in 1995!

It's great when customers are offered something like 1 free kids meal with each adult meal purchased, or something along those lines. The kids want to come for the entertainment, and the parents want to come because the kids meal is included. It really makes it a no-brainer for the guests to choose your establishment. That said, we have worked sucessful kids nights where there are no kids eat free.

Having done kids nights since I was a teenager, I have learned what works and what doesn't. Learned how to talk to tables. How to keep my eyes and ears open for anything that will make the guest experience better. Perhaps food was delivered and the kids dropped their silverware, or they need ketchup or something along those lines. We can easily run and grab it for them to make things smoother. Sometimes I may hear things that I can pass on to the manager that a table woudnt necessarily call them over for. It has happened in the past, and dealing with things like this can make the difference between a regular and a one-time customer.

To make the decision even easier book today for a free demonstration when you are there and can talk to the tables afterwards to determine if its the perfect fit for your restaurant.

No, there are no long term contracts, you can cancel at any time. We are also flexible on start times, and dates.

You can book your kids night entertainer through our website or by contacting one of our team members. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have and help you plan your perfect kids night.

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