Jugglers for Stage and Walk around event atmosphere.

Fantastic Jugglers

Jugglers are the party's comedic chaos coordinators, juggling their way into the heart of your event like a one-person circus parade! Need to break the ice? Just toss them some balls, clubs, or even flaming torches—yes, we promise they won't burn the cake! It's like inviting a whirlwind of hilarity that defies gravity, and when they drop a ball, it's not a mistake; it's just a cleverly disguised punchline! Jugglers turn your gathering into a laughter-laden spectacle, where the entertainment is as unpredictable as their flying objects. For events that demand non-stop fun, juggling is the quirky secret sauce that keeps your party in stitches! 🤹‍♂️🎉😄

Featured Entertainer
John Nations

Where juggling meets giggling!

Juggling is fun to do, but very few people can make it fun to watch; Johns' hilarious show not only accomplishes this, but he makes the audience part of the show as well!

John has perfected his show through two and a half decades of traveling as a street juggler, corporate entertainer and comedy act from Florida to Scandinavia. He has also delighted passengers of every age on the stages of several grand-class cruise ships in the British Isles, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and South and Central America

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