Balloon Animal University Parties

Let us teach you the way into the Ballooniverse!

This is one of our most popular parties!

We've been doing this party since the '90's and have done it for cruise lines, schools, colleges, restaurants, trade shows, Country Clubs, team building exercises, and birthdays.

This party is unique because it is popular with children as well as adults, with boys and with girls! It's a rare 'can't lose' party.

To start with each person gets a balloon animal (these can be pre-made (usually for adult parties) or we can make them at the event.

Then we hold a class with pre-inflated balloons, so if something pops (and it will) we can just hand out another. Depending on the age of the class we then teach the techniques in order to make 1 or 2 sculptures.

Each classmate will receive a Balloon Animal University Kit for training beyond the class. This includes the lovely gift box, a pro quality dual action air pump, professional grade balloons, a digital book, and lots of videos.

At this point, if the class is quite young, things usually devolve into a mass pirate battle with all the remaining balloons becoming swords! But that is fine, the memories are made by then.


Our company has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to make balloons.

Goodie-Bag Friendly

Everyone gets multiple items to take home

Fun & Learning

These don't always go together very well, but we always bring the fun.

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