<i>Balloons</i> <i>and the</i> <i>Environment</i>
<i>Balloons</i> <i>and the</i> <i>Environment</i>

Balloons and the Environment

Our balloons are made from plants.

Made from nature
Safe for nature.

At Imagination Overdrive we care about the planet. We will soon have a lot more info about how fast balloons degrade, but in the meantime we think you should know:

We don't use any plastic balloons. All of our balloons are derived from plants! It's a bit more expensive but its worth it.

We always find it amazing that no matter how large an event we are decorating, when we take it down and properly dispose of it afterwards, it always fits in a very small bag.

In our 30 years we have never participated (nor will we ever) in a balloon release. It's something that was commonly done in the 1980's, but the industry as a whole has learned a lesson. No matter how much someone wants to pay for one, its just not worth it!
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