How to get the balloon animals sticker pack on to your phone

Just follow these simple instructions

Screenshot 2019-02-20 02.12.28.png

Our app is 99 cents on the iTunes app store…

<— You can get the .99 here.

Two ways to get the app:

You can find the direct link right HERE, or you can go to your iMessage app.

In a message window, tap the gray app store icon, then tap the blue app store icon that pops up, as pictured.

Search for ‘Balloon Animal Sticker Pack’, then…

Purchase the app because… reasons.

Now when you click the gray app store icon again in iMessage, you should see the balloon dog icon. Tap it to open the pack.

You can tap a graphic to send it as a message, OR peel the sticker right up from the list and drag it to another message or photo to overlap them.



Simulator Screen Shot Mar 6, 2017, 11.40.07 PM.png

Lots of icons to choose from

Works great with iPhone or iPad!

More to come in version 2, coming soon!