Whatever the event, we can create the atmosphere you are envisioning.


In over 30 years of event planning, we have never missed a scheduled event! We are always professional and punctual.

The Best Entertainers

If you need entertainers to go along with your event decor, we can help! We have a wide variety of the best in-house entertainers. With balloon costumes we meld the entertainment WITH the decor, with our live atmospheric players.


Special Requests are no problem! One client asked for a large crazy balloon hat to be put on each chair around a large table for a birthday party. Everyone was flying in and hadn't seen each other in quite some time. All these adult business people wearing the crazy hats instantly broke the ice and the event was a smash hit!

Our goal…

…is to create uniquely tailored entertainment and decor for your special day. We are very experienced entertainers with a long list of happy clients (such as Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, Comcast, FPL, Walmart, Amazon, PepsiCo, NBC and hundreds more).

There for you

Experienced & knowledgeable workers ensure a stress free event.


Customizable everything to suit your interests and keep within your budget.

Relax & enjoy

offloading much of the work will help you to enjoy the event. Leave the stress to someone else.


We will provide all inclusive packages based on your wishlist.

Corporate Event Decor

We specialize in balloon decor of all types, from fully imagined theme events, to ala carte Balloon Columns, Arches, backdrops, table centerpieces, etc. Our decorations will add the perfect pop of luxury and fun to your events.

Figuring out what decorations to use at your event can be overwhelming. Contact us and let us make the process easier for you!

Stage Decor. After decorating the ballroom the client came to us a few hours before the event and asked us if we could help them decorate the stage as it looked a bit plain next to the colorful decor! We always stay flexible and try to help out even if its above and beyond the original scope of the job.

Elegant decor

Balloon decorating is the epitome of sophistication, transforming any event into an exquisite affair that exudes elegance. With a delicate touch and an eye for design, our expert balloon artists craft stunning creations that elevate the ambiance to unparalleled heights. Picture cascading balloon bouquets in refined color palettes, and graceful arches that welcome your guests like a grand entrance to a world of opulence. It's the art of subtlety, where each balloon is a brushstroke on the canvas of sophistication. For those who seek to marry style and celebration, balloon decorating is the symphony of splendor that turns any gathering into a masterpiece of refinement and taste. 🎈✨🥂

Fun decor

Transform your next event into a whimsical wonderland with the magic of balloon decor! Imagine vibrant, floating arches guiding your guests to the celebration, towering balloon columns that add an air of grandeur, and playful balloon centerpieces that set the tone for fun and festivity. Balloon decor isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement that will have everyone smiling, laughing, and capturing Instagram-worthy moments. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or corporate gathering, balloon decor promises to elevate your event into a memorable, fun-filled experience that will leave your guests talking about it long after the balloons have danced away. Get ready to delight in the endless possibilities of balloon decor and let the laughter soar as high as the balloons themselves!


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Halloween Decor

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